Types of Commissions

My commissions fall into one of three categories.  Be sure to check out the page in the Commissions sub page for examples of each type of commission as well as the page with the guidelines and pricing.

Professional Work

This is by far the most rapidly growing part of my business.  If you are in the market for a one of a kind figure for your company look no further.   Below is a  just a small sampling of the kind of professional work I have done:

Figures that were used in film and television as on screen used props & action figures.

Supernatural-screen2     MONSTER

[Monster Smasher from the TV show Supernatural]

Figures to be given to the cast and crew as gifts at the end of the season or filming.

c-awesomes-group          awe-sethMyers             awe-taran&bobby

[Seth Meyer’s Hulu animated series “The Awesomes”, each figure given to the voice actors on the show]

baytown - long

[The Baytown Outlaws, starring Billy Bob Thorton & Eva Longoria, film cast set]

Figures that are used as prizes or incentives on crowdfunded sites like Kickstarter.


[13 Coins independent comic book]

Figures to be displayed in art galleries as a part of a show or tribute collection.


[Guillermo Del Toro for the Gallery1988 Art Show]

Figures that are given as gifts to VIPs

celeb-sansweet      celeb-mary      celeb - mary and steve     celeb-frank

[Star Wars Celebration: Steve Sansweet & Mary Franklin, Frank Diorio]

Figures that are used as display pieces for floor displays at conventions.

Figures of your corporate logo or mascot.

Figures that serve as pre-visualization or prototypes of future toys to go into production.


This is what I am known for.  The redesigning, or mashing up, of a character with another character, a new genre, a different era, or another film.

james bonba      C-steamprime      samuraiman      samurai-snakeyes      supergladiator


Making an actual figures of a specific individual, for example you or a friend or loved one.  This is my newest field of commissions.  For years I avoided this type of work.  But  the advent of 3-D printers changed that.   Now using just two photos of you I can have a 3-D head printed in any scale.   Also I don’t just slap a head on a store bought body.  I work with you to incorporated my unique brand of designs to create a custom new character.  I consider your interests, influences, real world profession, and favorite colors.  I can put the character into any era or genre.

[Images coming soon]