Terry Gilliam


Terry Gilliam is among my favorite film makers and biggest visual influences. The cinematic realms of his films are rich with dystopian, baroque, and anachronistic details. His subject matter often deals with dream like fantasy and real world bleakness with the driving quest for freedom. The films are also often filled with a his unique sense of humor. If you are not familiar with his films you really should watch a few.   I made these figures as a tribute back in 2005.

Sam Lowry -Brazil (1985)
Actor & Gilliam regular, Jonathan Pryce, plays Sam comes completed in his “Dream Armor” that he uses in his escapist fantasies where he attempts to save the beautiful maiden from the “Techno-Samurai”. The figure features rich details and shades of metallic paints from light blues to silver. The real showcase of the figure are the working glider wings that actually fold and retract, as in the film, and were hand made feather by feather.



Harry Tuttle – Brazil (1985)
Robert DeNiro plays Harry Tuttle in a brief but very memorable role as a former government employee who now serves as a renegade air conditioning repairman free of the bureaucratic paper work taking part in covert unapproved repairs. Every detail of the figure was meticulously recreated; from the pouches, chains, phones, luger pistol, & tools that abound on his belt.



Jack Lint -Brazil (1985)
Fellow Monty Python alum, Michael Palin, plays Harry’s “friend” and fellow government worker Jack Lint. He appears as he does from the bizarre and surreal scene from the end of the film where Sam is strapped to a table surround by frightening tools and is about to be tortured by a disturbing speechless man in labcoat and cupie doll mask.


Baron Munchausen -The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)
John Neville portrays the world’s greatest teller of tall tales. He displays his trade mark large nose, military hat, and embroidered jacket.


James Cole – 12 Monkeys (1995)
Bruce Willis plays James Cole, a man send back from a nightmarish dystopian future to piece the puzzle of what made the future so bad. The figure shows Cole in his environmental suit that he wears to collect specimens from the New York of the past. Each component was painstakingly recreated to movie accurate.