Star Wars Themed Miniatures

While over the years I have created and painted hundreds of Star Wars themed miniatures. I will post some of my more recent work here.

One of my most recent and famous pieces was the conversion of this Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Millenium Falcon. The ship was wildly inaccurate but 29″ size made the scale was a nice starting place and fun project.

It involved carving, sculpting, casting, resin, 3D printing, kitbashing, and scratch building. Its paint application involved rattlecans, airbrush, lacquers, acrylic and oil washers, drybrushing, splattering, and pigment powders.

The toy started off looking like this.
It ended up looking like this

Star Wars Celebrations

I generally get my miniature fix in my preparation for Star Wars Celebration. For 20 years I worked with Frank Diorio and help plan and facilitate the Diorama Workshop at Star Wars Celebrations. In 2019 Alissa Pier and I took the torch and formed DIYorama Events which now runs the diorama builds at the Celebrations.

We are sponsored by the Star Wars Legion game so these are in the 1/50 scale meaning each figure is a little over an inch. Most were customized and sculpted onto by me.

Celebration Anaheim II – 2022

Our theme in 2022 was the Mandalorian. I made some of the hero scenes in the lead up to the show. The background rocks and buildings were made by fans at the show. Done fore my side venture DIYorama Events.

Celebration Chicago – 2019

Our theme in Chicago was Rogue One and we did a massive Battle of Scarif. Done by me for the Diorama Builders group.