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Some more original RPG figures

As I have stated before I am a lifelong fan of role playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons which I have been playing since junior high, through high school and college and into my adulthood still.  I love making figures based on my various characters from my 30+ years of gaming.


My life long love of Akira Kurosawa and samurai history does frequently lead to my playing samurai-eque characters.


Varis Loreweaver is without a doubt my favorite character I have ever played.  He is a medieval rock god, a la David Bowie and has an alternate identity, which I was able to fool my fellow players with for years.  One of my favorite aspects was the playlists of songs themed around the spell he would cast that I would actually play when he cast is bardic musical magic.


Varis evolved over the years and rarely revisit a character, but as certain items became integral to his story I did add them to the figure.  I also made characters based on my sister and brother-in-law’s characters that played in that group at the time.

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