Seusstastic Park


To celebrate their 100 percent renovation as a dinosaur and natural history themed hotel, The Best Western Denver Southwest commissioned me to combine their love of dinosaurs with their love of Dr. Seuss.

You can learn more about the DinoHotel on their Facebook page.

There was a family made of a Professor, a Botantist, a Lexi and Tim.
They decided one night that they would take a trip on a whim.
Agreed it was best to wait until morning when gone was the dark.
And as the new day sun rose they set off for Seusstastic Park.


The kids were excited so their breakfast they quickly ate.
They gobbled and gulped and guzzled the meal to clean their plate.
They packed their bags and went to the car for they could not wait.
And sooner than later they looked out their windows to see the huge gate.


They heard a loud rumble and a growl and a fuss.
Was it a monster, a dragon, a creature named Gus?
They could not see anything from their seats so they got off the bus.
And there they were a herd of striped long necked Catahaturus.


Next on their journey they followed some odd tracks.
It must be huge as his feet had left holes and craters and cracks.
Out in the open a solitary creature stood away from the packs.
It was mighty and huge and orange. It was the Lorceritax.


They continued on their journey and followed a long trail of goo.
They moved through the jungle towards a call of “Woohoo!”
They looked in the leaves there was something short and shaggy and blue.
As they got closer something jumped out, it was Dilo 1 & Dilo 2.


They scurried away back towards the main complex.
As they got closer they saw all the cars were in wrecks
Then something behind them breathed down on their necks.
The huge creature began to chase them it was the Grinchasaurus rex.



They escaped the foul beast and hurried indoors
They went to the kitchen to hide in the drawers
All they could hear was the scratching of claws on the floors
What was it now? Oh no the Yellosneechtors!


That family was lucky, made it out with their skins.
The zoo owner said he wanted to make amends.
He spared no expense, the critters were fantastic.
Fantabulous! Extraordinary! Decidedly Jurassic!
But a park is a problem when the official park greeter
Turns into a hungry, ravenous, bloodthirsty park eater.


So take heed, my children, and rue the dark day,
You get a strong yen to extract monster DN and A
To grow it and hatch it and raise it all on a lark,
And open a most dangerous, most Suesstastic of Parks!