Serial Wars

logo serial wars

Serial Wars is a line of custom figures that continues my experiment of isolating the inspiration elements of Star Wars and emphasizing them individually. The line is intended to be look like the old retro sci-fi serials of the 40’s like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.


A humble robot who is caught up transporting messages to the various alien worlds who plot an uprising agains an evil tyrant named Dark Vanquisher.


The rambunkous sidekick of Cecil who helps in delivering the rebelious communiques


The countless legions of minions of the Dark Vanqiusher who rocket around the galaxy imposing his evil reign.

Dark Vanquisher

An evil imperial overlord whose dominion includes countless alien worlds who are subjectated to his will.

Princess Lura

The leader of an uprising of all the alien worlds under the control of the Dark Vanquisher.

Lash Starwarrior

Our brave protagonist who is transported from Earth to an alien world and tries to become a hero.

Sir Orion Kindros

An aged warrior who was once a member of the Galactic Space Rangers before Dark Vanquisher disbanded them.

Ch’aw Bok’lar

The leader of noble yet savage appearing alien planet who align with Princess Lura.

Capt. Hawk Solar

The leader of the Space Pirates Alliance who ally with Princess Lura to rid themselves of Vanquishers interverance.

Buzz Fury

The right hand of Dark Vanquisher who leads the Starsoldiers and hunts down the leaders of the uprising