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Selected as one of the spotlight artists for Star Wars Artist Month 2020


I recently had the distinct honor to selected by Albin Johnson, founder the 501st legion, and the fine folks over at R2-KT in conjunction with Jedi News, Rebelscum, the, Fantha Tracks, and Bantha Bricks.

It was a very flattering write up and I am honored to be in such high company.

Here is a portion of the article

We’ve covered a wide array of artists who work in pencil, acrylic, water color, pastels, and digital media. But one area of the visual arts we haven’t touched on is sculpture. Sculpture, like the graphic arts, comes in many media and ranges from colossal structures to mini installations.

Today’s artist has found unearthed treasures in the world of action figures. To the general public, perhaps they are seen as just toys. But to any Star Wars fans action figures are the sculpture of the Saga, the tools we used as kids to channel our love of adventure, the real-world embodiment of our heroes and villains. Now imagine someone with a keen enough eye to take these sacred icons and gift them with just the right touches to radically shift our view of them.

Jamie Follis does just that: delving into the wide world of figures to custom sculpt brilliant works of art that do more than just look cool. His collections invite us to an entirely different universe, time after time. Star Wars in the Wild West? Here it is! What would Vader look like as a WWI field marshal? Well step right up and see. Over and over, this modern day Michelangelo does what real artists do: break down preconceptions, draw off of collective unconscious, and breathe entirely new life into story telling.

For the rest head on over to R2KT and check it out

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