Since I was very young I had a fascination for the props in movies.  It probably stemmed from playing make believe with my friends and my obsession with finding out how things were made.  Luckily for me my father was a tool and die maker by trade and ran a side business as a gunsmith and woodworker in his spare time.  He had no interest in Star Wars or comic books and I had no interest in hunting deer as a 10 year old.  But my father remarked one day in passing that Han Solo’s gun looked like a German WW2 Mauser.

That was the beginning of our two interests converging, my love of Star Wars and his remarkable skill set.  It started with a lightsaber and Han’s blaster, it moved into Star Trek phasers, and He-Man sword.  It always game back to Star Wars.  As my knowledge and resources increased so did the complexity and realism of our creations.  My dad passed away in 2013 but I continue to do this hobby that brought us together.

Everything here is for my own enjoyment and collection I do not sell these pieces.   While I am handy with tools, I do not have my dad’s abilities.  So I tend to specialize in low budget props.  These look screen accurate but are not usually made from the same components or custom machined.  Both of those options get very pricey very fast.  The following are some of my budget creations.  I will not feature expensive builds or pieces that consist of a lot of high dollar reproduction items made by 3rd parties.



One of my first replica props.  Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber made from junk found at Goodwill and the hardware store. From left to right: A tea light holder, pvc pipe, metal pipe, metal plumbing coupling, brass candle holders, Silver candle holder base.  Cost=$10


Prop making is my first and deepest passion when it comes to making.  While my custom figures, diorama, and miniature work pay the bills.  The propmaking is something I do just for me.  While I strive for accuracy, I am more of a fan it looking good vs costing an arm and leg.  Call them budget builds if you will.  But they are just for me and I just enjoy the process of making them.  Here are some of the pieces I have made over the years.