Noir Wars

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This line includes the usual 10 archetypes and was finished back in 2011.  The line is meant to be a pure film noir with no elements of fantasy or sci fi. You have all the archetypes of classic film noir: old disillusioned detective, reporters, dirty cops, the mob, the femme fatale, the private detective, etc.  A great side note to this line occurred back in 2012 when Patton Oswalt shared it with the late, great Roger Ebert who then tweeted about it.

Chip Pepperdino

Chip is a reporter for the San Francisco Sentinel. Always around the action but preferring not to be part of it.

Art Deter

Art Deter is a photographer for the San Francisco Sentinel. Always first on the scene this little guy tries a little too hard to get involved in the cases and stories they cover.

Detective Dante Victor

Victor is your classic dirty cop. Paid to clean up the crime but actually taking payoffs and making sure the mob has protection.

Dante Victor’s Special Task Force / Enforcers

This is Victor’s taskforce of goons and thugs who are the backbone of his operation.

Lola O’Gannon

Lola is your classic femme fetale.

Patrolman Lash Skylark

Lance is your naive rookie cop, who is brought into the world of dirty cops and organized crime.

Detective Benton Karnaby

He is your jaded & haggard old detective cop. He has seen all the corruption and this is last case.

Hawk Solomon P.I.

Hawk is your classic private detective.

Chuck Bocco

Chuck is an immigrant worker on the docks. He owes Solomon from a previous case and serves as his muscle when needed. He speaks in a foreign language no one understands.

Bruno Feretta

Feretta is a mafia hitman from Sicily brought in to help Victor regain control.