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New Commission – The Highlander

I don’t usually do such literal interpretations as commissions but a repeat customer requested a figure from of the Highlander from the final duel.  I could not pass up making a figure from one of my favorite films from my youth.


5 thoughts on “New Commission – The Highlander

  1. Hi I’m a massive fan of the highlander franchise (even the fifth film) and I was wondering how you made this awesome figure?

  2. To simply answer your questioned I combined parts from multiple figures with some of my original sculpting and repainted the whole thing and finished in a variety of weathering techniques.

    As for specifics I used to be very forth coming with my recipes and how to’s but I discovered I was being knocked off on eBay and message boards by people duplicating my recipes and selling them, sometimes claiming it was my work. So I don’t really share specifics as my commissions are a revenue stream for me.

    Hope that helps

  3. I understand thanks anyway

  4. Are you still taking commissions? And what do you charge?

  5. Yes, I take commissions from time to time. Here is the page with the commissions info.


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