As a kid I created hundreds of store bought model ships and vinyl figure models.  While this is surely where I honed my painting skills I will not post them in this section.  I will post some pieces that I created from scratch that feature my build and planning skills.   They will fall into two categories.

Firstly, I will feature small scenes called dioramas that are in scale with 3.75″ scale action figures.  These are mostly made out foamcore board and assembled with hot glue and then finished with a variety of techniques to capture the realism.  These builds have been quite fun and lead to the creation of a film I made with my daughter and my work with Frank Diorio at the various Star Wars Celebrations at our Diorama Workshop.

Secondly, I will showcase some of my scratch built models mostly created for a project I started when my daughter said she wanted create a model train table.  These are primarily made from scratch out of polystyrene or kit-bashed from existing model kits.

Coming Soon…