Believe it or not growing up I did not have any Lego.  I was by no means deprived as I was swimming in Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and He-Man toys.  But for building toys we had Lincoln Logs and tons of Construx.  Construx was another building system but was in scale with my action figures so it was no competition.  A few years back my daughter got into Lego around the time I was taking a break from sculpting due to some slight nerve damage I was getting from the repetitive motion of painting and sculpting, the tight grip on the tools, and the fine motor movements.  I am all better now by the way.

Needless to say I found Lego to be quite a creative outlet.  My daughter loved the structure of Lego and the following of directions, I enjoy the creativity of designing my own pieces.  At times I felt like we were the opposite of the father and son in the Lego Movie.   But it worked well as I would design the sets and she would follow my instructions as we created many of the builds that are showcased below.  None of these are for sale they are just my showcasing of some of my creations.


Disney Parks Themed

Classic Cinema Scenes

Star Wars Themed