Cyber Wars


This line was actually one of the first redesign idea I had almost 15 years ago, in the 99, when I first started to redesign characters. The line is intended to have a 90’s sci-fi aesthetic. It has some elements of Cyberpunk, the Matrix, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, etc. I envisioned the movie as a struggle by a group of rebel hackers struggling to break free from the oppressive system of control by a mega technological corporation that controlled all aspects of society. I tried to stay true to my original ideas for characters as I made the line.

Chip3 & Rod2
This is actually the first figure I made in the line and dates back over a decade. I liked the idea of a normal size gold robot that was sleek but having him trailed by a smaller more clunky floating bot.



Luna is the daughter of a extremely wealthy family who worked for the corporation. I saw her as a kind of punk girl with attitude who got into it for the adventure but eventually stayed in the movement because of the injustice she saw.


She is one of my favorite all time  creations

I wanted a hulking mass of machinery that got back to the childhood question of what is under that mask and suit, he is man or machine. I eventually added the tentacles to get the look of the cape, as the figure did not look right without it.


I can really see these shocktroops wreaking havoc.
I really love the look of these guys, I just wish I could crank out a couple of dozen of them to get the full effect. This figure was actually mostly done for a decade, but he was put on the back burner as the project fell to the side. I am glad I waited to get the perfect head.


Link Sourcecoder
Link is a new to the world of hacking he is forced to go on the run after his family was targeted by Vector. I went with the classic color scheme but incorporated the mechanical hand to go with the sci-fi feel.


I wanted the look of some old hacker who had been around since before the corporation and was born at the dawn of the internet and helped make it great. I thought that what if a Bill Gates/Steve Jobs like guy saw their utopian visions grown into a technological nightmare they had withdrawn from society out of guilt only to emerge to challenge the corporation and restore their initial vision with the help of some young rebel hackers.


Hak Slicer
I saw Hak as kind of the old master hacker of the underworld, someone whom Link would have to search out and enlist.


He is another of my all time favorites

He is massive. I was going for a kind of hacker feel, I saw the bandolier as full of little microchips they could use to illegally bypass and slice there way through security. The gun on his back is part space age shotgun with the blades added for that crossbow look.


(you need to seek Hak and Cybahacka together at the bottom of the page for the full effect)


I envsioned him as a robotic right hand man of Vector.


cw-cyba&hak   c-cyb-group-good     c-cyb-group-bad