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Custom figure making is a hobby where people create their own action figures.  The scales generally range from the smaller 3.45″ scale up to the 12″ scale.  While I started out in the smaller scale in 2000 I moved to the 6-8″ scale, which is what I mostly still work in today. The figures are generally made by combining parts of existing figures with newly sculpted and created parts.  Most custom figure makers create everything from their favorite characters to the more obscure characters from their favorite properties.  I tend to create my own designs that are re-imagined designs of characters or combinations of characters with new genres or themes.

Also I would like to state for the record, that while many of these lines and combinations are quite prevalent in pop-culture today in cosplay, art, toys, comics, etc. when I created each line I did extensive research for weeks and at the time of their inception there were nothing like them on line.  For example when I had the idea of Samurai Wars no one had done so much as a drawing of what a Samurai themed Star Wars would look like.  I always wanted to be creating something new as if my creations were visual essays that were the continuations of the research papers I did in college.  I also do not have a desire to rip off another artists ideas or be derivative in some fashion. Many lines were never even started because I found something like it already existing.


 My Work

  But beyond simply sculpting the figures I usually create names and backstory that also gives the characters more depth.    My miscellaneous commissions appear at the bottom of the page not in chronological order.   Items not appearing on the page:  my older and traditional 3.75″, some commissions, and some older superhero redesigns.

Keep Scrolling down for a chronological gallery of many of my figures.

The “Wars” Lines

The majority of my work falls into what I call the “Wars” lines.  These lines are, by far, my most well known.  They started in 2002 as an attempt to to explore the origins and influences of Star Wars, as well as a curious experiment to see what those lines would look like.  When George Lucas was creating Star Wars he was pulling from a myriad of sources that ranged from real history, world religion, mythological archetypes, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the films of Akira Kurosawa, and the westerns and sci fi serials of his youth.    Star Wars was created by putting all of Lucas’s influences into one collective experience.  My goal was to pullout a single influence and isolate it.  For example what would an entirely Western version of Star Wars have looked like.  I pull from the same mythological archetypes as Mr. Lucas and arrive at my own unique creations complete with new names and a back story that creates a wholly new narrative.



Most of the lines in the “Wars” series pull on the various influences of Star Wars.  However, some were born out of the simple creative exercise of what would those archetypes look like in a Victorian Steampunk world, a Cyberpunk anime or a classic Film Noir.

Some of my lines have come about as a result of commissions like the ones I did below for Patton Oswalt.   I have also been commissioned to do whole line of figures such as the Awesomes for Seth Meyers or Seusstastic Park for the Dino Hotel in Colorado.


Sometimes I explore and redesign other properties such as comic books, toy lines, and television




Soldiers in the spirit of G.I. Joe done in a realistic style of the US Military.

Some of my various role playing game characters from over the years.



Star Wars archetypes in the style of He-Man.  Done for the “In a Galaxy” Documentary I was featured in.  Available for purchase on For Sale page.



Star Wars archetypes mashed up with American Graffiti and a 50’s & 60’s biker films.  The original Star Wars told a story of growing up very similar to American Graffiti but in space.

Star Wars archetypes set in the 1500’s during the Dutch Rebellion against the Hapsburg Empire in the New World.  Available for purchase on For Sale page.    The original Star Wars attempted to capture the swashbuckling spirit of the old Errol Flynn films.


Star Wars archetypes mashed up with Doctor Who classics.

Star Wars Rebels archetypes in the style of 1700’s revolution against British Empire.  Available for purchase on For Sale page.


Commission for Seth Meyers and his Hulu show “The Awesomes”.  They were given to the voice actors as gifts.


Star Wars archetypes  meets Mad Max’s post apocalyptic style.  2nd Commission for Patton Oswalt.

Justice League in the style of RPG classes.  Available for purchase on For Sale page.


Jurassic Park in the style of Dr. Seuss.  Commission for Dino Hotel in Denver Colorado.

Star Wars archetypes in a gender flipped Russ Meyer inspired line. 1st Commission for Patton Oswalt.



Star Wars archetypes in the style of medieval fantasy world.  Available for purchase on For Sale page.   The original Star Wars utilized many archetypes and plot structures from classic fairy tales and medieval fantasy.


Classic Pulp characters.   Available for purchase on For Sale page

Star Wars archetypes in the style of a Cyberpunk/Anime.


The line that serves as a prequel to my medieval fantasy line.  Since the Roman Empire preceded the Middle Ages I figured it should in my line as well.  Available for purchase on For Sale page


 Star Wars archetypes in classic spaghetti western style.  The original Star Wars film had many elements reminiscent of classic westerns.


Star Wars archetypes in the style of 1930’s & 40’s Sci Fi Serials like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.  Of course, those films were one of the biggest inspirations for the real Star Wars.

Star Wars archetypes in the style of gritty 1940’s Film Noir.  Born simply out of my love of the genre.


Star Wars archetypes in the style of an Akira Kurosawa Samurai Film.   Available for purchase on For Sale page.   The original Star Wars films were heavily influenced by Kurosawa films such as The Hidden Fortress.

Legion of Doom characters in a Victorian somewhat Steampunk setting.

My first celebrity commission was for the super talented and amazing Star Wars superfan Sam Witwer.



My continued exploration of Star Wars archetypes in the Victorian / Steampunk setting.   Available for purchase on For Sale page. 


This was a line of characters I created as part of a novel I was writing.

Terry Gilliam is one of my favorite directors.  His uniquely quirky films feature some of the most interesting production design in cinema history.



My continued exploration of Star Wars archetypes in the Victorian / Steampunk setting.   Available for purchase on For Sale page. 

Star Wars archetypes in the style of World War 2.  The original Star Wars films borrowed heavily from the era of WW2 in events, battle tones, and combat.





My first exploration of Star Wars archetypes in the Victorian / Steampunk setting.

Dune is my favorite book of all time.  This is my attempt to design the Dune Universe as if I was a production designer on a Dune Film.  I used only the literary descriptions from the original Frank Herbert books of the characters, costumes and colors for my designs.



My first foray into a Victorian somewhat Steampunk setting using the Justice League as characters. 

My love of history led me to briefly exploring the idea of line based on famous historical military leaders. 


My first attempt at redesigning Star Wars archetypes.  Unlike my later work that would isolate and emphasize individual themes this line blends them all together in to retro sci, medieval fantasy, futuristic, western, fairy tale.

I absolutely loved the Venture Brothers cartoon on Adult Swim.  The total absences of any merchandise for years led me to making many of the core characters.


My Pre-2005 work was mostly traditional interpretations of known characters.  The figures are in the 3.75″ scale and are not shown on the page.


Over the years I have often started with the bounty hunter character as way to flesh out a idea for a line.  As time progressed I have gone back and reattempted him a few time years later here are the results.


Over the year I have taking many commissions.  Some were from fans, some were fellow artists I exchanged art with, and some were comics/film/video game companies looking for unique prized for cons and fundraisers or gifts for cast and crew.

My commission for Supernatural  appearing in the 9th Season episode “Bad Boys”

Some of my commissions to redesign you as an action figure.

Convention show pieces for the comic series “13 Coins”

Crew Gifts for the Billy Bob Thorton / Eva Longoria films The Baytown Outlaws


A quick figure I made for the The Colbert Report

Commission exchanges with other artists

Gifts for VIPs at the Star Wars Celebrations.


Some pieces for tribute shows and art galleries.


I don’t usually do faithful interpretations but I have been convinced a time or two.


A fan who keeps hiring me to do various versions of the Man of Steel.

Unique mash ups & redesigns



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  1. I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to play D&D with my friends and I for the longest time, without success. She’s a nerd like me bUT a different kind of nerd. She’s SUPER into Batman and when I showed her your Batman D&D figurine, she said it was the only way she would play with us. Is there any way to get my hands on that!?

  2. Hi Sillof,

    Could I interview you some time for my website? I work for a small film company that also writes articles, and I’m a huge fan of your reimaginings, and would love to hear more about the process you take. In addition, I’d love to learn more about the lines that you ended up cancelling.

  3. can we buy any figures? they are great

  4. Enjoy your work. Love collecting and trying to customize. Keep up the good work

  5. Sure, just contact me through the site and read the terms on the commission page. Thanks

  6. Sure, just send me an email.


  7. I dind’t know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

  8. I love all your creations. Probably my favourite is Doctor Wars just because of the silliniess. Especially Valek.
    I think ‘Teenage Mutant Jedi Knight’ would be a really cool line of figures. Luke as a Ninja Turtle, Obi-Wan as Splinter, Leia as April, Han as Casey, Chewy as Leatherhead, 3PO and R2 as Chromedome and Metalhead, Vader as Shredder, Stormtroopers as Foot Clan, Palpatine as Krang, abd Boba Fett as Bebop or Rocksteady. It’d be pretty awesome to see.

  9. That would be fun. So many ideas. So little time.

  10. How much would it cost to order an individual figure of every category and what types of bulk order discounts do you offer?

  11. […] has already created a bunch of different custom Star Wars action figure lines with George Lucas’ creations remixed in the styles of Mad Max, He-Man and the Masters of the […]

  12. […] has already created a bunch of different custom Star Wars action figure lines with George Lucas’ creations remixed in the styles of Mad Max, He-Man and the Masters of the […]

  13. […] has already created a bunch of different custom Star Wars action figure lines with George Lucas’ creations remixed in the styles of Mad Max, He-Man and the Masters of the […]

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