By far, one of the greatest experiences that has come about in my hobby has been my involvement in the Star Wars Celebrations.   Much of that success is due to the hard work and selfless dedication of Frank Diorio who runs the Diorama Workshop.  It has been a pleasure to work alongside him at every Celebration since C2 in Indianapolis back in 2002.  That is 6 Celebrations in all.  Over the years my involvement has grown from volunteer and helper to taking on major builds to co-running it with Frank at Celebration Anaheim.  We have assembled a great group of volunteers and friends that have become more like family over the years.    Alissa, Duke, Mark, Scott, Chris, Pat, John & John to name a few, come back year after years after year.   You can learn more about each celebration by clicking on the linked image.  Each page also has information on the panels I have had and the master classes I have taught at the convention.

Celebration VI – Orlando
Celebration VII – Anaheim
Celebration Orlando 2017 – Coming Soon


Celebration Chicago – Coming Soon


Celebration Anaheim II – 2022 – Coming Soon

In 2019 Frank retired from the convention game and Alissa Pier and co-founded DIYorama Events to continue on with the events. DIYorama  plans and facilitates large scale maker events at conventions.  If you are interested in hiring us click on the image below to go that the DIYorama site. 


I have appeared at a number of conventions and events over the years.  I have been a guest, a panelist, run workshops, taught classes, and even been the guest of honor.  It is truly humbling to be part of Star Wars history in that way.  I could not have imagined that childhood hobbies and interests in Star Wars at the age of 4  would have presented so many great opportunities over the years.

I have given talks, created multimedia presentations, and even films over a variety of topics.

My main profession is a teacher of World History, Comparative Religions, and Film Studies & Film Production. My years of teaching have given me great training and experience at explaining things in classes and large groups.  I have given presentations in small convention side rooms of 30 and in large halls in front of 1000+.  So far I have given presentations on:

  • Film Analysis of the Star Wars Films
  • Action Figure Customization
  • The Props of Star Wars
  • The Cinematic Influences of Star Wars
  • The Historical Influences of Star Wars
  • The Religious Influences of Star Wars
  • Star Wars and Mythology
  • Vintage Toys & Collecting
  • and other topics including Disney, Marvel, Comic Books, History, Religion, Education, and more.

If you are interested in having me run a panel/class/or workshop please contact me through this site for availability.