Commissions – General

This is by far the most typical custom I do.   These would fall into 2 categories:

1. YOUR CHARACTER – this would be some idea or character you have an idea of or own the rights to.

Examples of this type would be:

MONSTER  c-awesomes-group     baytown - long      group

2. REDESIGNS– I really on prefer to redesigns of characters putting my own unique spin on them.  I don’t really do commissions of existing characters as they are.  I don’t typically do mash ups (this character combined with this other character) but I have been know to break this rule if the idea intrigues me

Examples of Redesigns would be:

samurai-snakeyesC-steamprimealexander the sithC-fett-gearsofwarc-fett-botsamuraiman

Examples of Mash Ups Would be:

james bonba c-com-turtleranger