I am available for work in 2 areas.  I take commissions for one of a kind original sculpted figures and also I work as a production designer on films (click HERE for more information on that).   

Commission figure options and pricing are explained below.  



  1. My commissions usually start around $400 USD and up.  Price increases  for a very detailed and/or complicated design or fabrication.

  2. Contact before payment to work out details and check of pricing and availability.

  3. Payment is needed in full upfront to secure materials and for the time it will take make the figure.

  4. Jobs are completed in order of payment received.

  5. All sales are final.  You are commissioning a unique piece of sculpted art. 

  6. Please add 10$ per figure for shipping.  If you need international, overnight, FedEx, , etc.  The buyer will need to pay the additional funds. 

  7. Please add 5$ per figure if  you would like it insured.

  8. They are generally 6-8″ in height ( I don’t usually do 3.75″ scale )

  9. I do not make molds, scans or copies of any figures – you will have a one of a kind piece

  10. They need to be original designs that you have rights to,  non trademarked properties, or items that are my own redesigns

  11. The figures generally are glued into a static pose that you chose to avoid excessive wear and tear

  12. If it is of a real person realize the look will be a close approximation of the person.  Most figures you see use digital scans and artificial or mechanical means of creating the sculpt.

  13. I use only top of the line professional grade sculpting compound that cures very hard and chip resistant acrylic enamel paints, both are very expensive.

  14. I am not slow by any means, but I do have unrelated career, and have constant flow of incoming orders and my own projects so I need time to complete projects.




REDESIGNS– I really on prefer to redesigns of characters putting my own unique spin on them.  I don’t really do commissions of existing characters as they are.  I don’t typically do mash ups (this character combined with this other character) but I have been know to break this rule if the idea intrigues me



This would be some idea or character you have an idea for or already own the rights to.


 Another fun area of commissions I specialize in is creating custom 6″ action figures of your RPG characters.  You can send me your artwork in the form of sketches and your miniature or art work that you would like me to use as inspiration to create your figure from scratch.  I even try to include those key magic items like your special sword or magic rings.  Many can be seen on the Fantasy RPG page.


A recent avenue I have been exploring is the creation of action figures of you and your family.  For years I was hesitant to offer this service, as it is very difficult to capture the likeness of someone you are very familiar in a way that truly captures them.  But recently partnered with the fine people at That’s My Face to offer this great new addition.

Now anyone could buy one of their heads and slap in on some random figure they bought at the store.  What I have done recently is worked with individuals and families to create an entire line of figures that exist in a cohesive universe.  After some initial questions I use the persons favorite colors, actual occupations, unique hobbies, etc to create a new character based on them.



Here are some links some of the more high profile commissions

Most commissions jobs are for a few figures.   But occasionally a large commission comes along and showcases 10 or more figures.  Here are a few of my larger commissioned lines.

Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!” and “Road Wars” were commissioned by actor & comedian Patton Oswalt.  Patton has been an amazing supporter of mine.  He has mentioned me frequently in interviews.  It means the world to me.  Nothing was more touching than the article he wrote on his blog.  It is very humbling to have someone you are a true fan of praise you for your work.

The Awesomes” was a commission for comedian Seth Meyers.

Seusstastic Park” was a commission for the Dino Hotel in Denver, CO.

Bruce the Monster Smasher” was commissioned and feature prominently in Episode 7 of Season 9 of the show Supernatural IMDB page