Professional Commission Work

Most commissions jobs are for a few figures.   But occasionally a large commission comes along and showcases 10 or more figures.  Here are a few of my larger commissioned lines.

Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!” and “Road Wars” were commissioned by actor & comedian Patton Oswalt.  Patton has been an amazing supporter of mine.  He has mentioned me frequently in interviews.  It means the world to me.  Nothing was more touching than the article he wrote on his blog.  It is very humbling to have someone you are a true fan of praise you for your work.

The Awesomes” was a commission for comedian Seth Meyers.

Seusstastic Park” was a commission for the Dino Hotel in Denver, CO.

Bruce the Monster Smasher” was commissioned and feature prominently in Episode 7 of Season 9 of the show Supernatural IMDB page