Sillof is the online name for artist Jamie Follis.   He is most know for his sculpting and custom toy designs.   He has been creating his own toys since childhood but started sharing his work online with his website in 1999.  He later rose to prominence in the early 2000’s with his unique reinterpretations of various lines into new genres, eras,  and themes.  More about these combinations can be read here.  These lines have become very popular in influential in fan culture.  While these ideas are now very present in comics, toys, and art at the time of their creation nothing like them had ever been combined or created.

A majority of Sillof’s work is intended for his own personal enjoyment and expression, but he does do commission work.  Among his various commissions he has made pieces for television shows, video game companies, comic book publishers, and films.   Among his most notable commissions are his work for Patton Oswalt, Seth Meyers’s Hulu show “The Awesomes”, and the TV show “Supernatural”. Some of this work can be seen here.

His work has been featured online on blogs, websites, and online news services. In newspapers at the local, national and international levels. In books and magazines nationally and world wide. On television in local news, national news, cable, and overseas. In independent films as props, costumes, and set designs. Publicly displayed at contests, fairs, & conventions including 6 of the 7 Star Wars Celebrations. Recently his work has been seen on, Entertainment Weekly, and MTV.  His work has been featured in art gallery shows, some of it is on permanent display in comic shops, art galleries, and museums.


Much like how a DJ samples many other songs to create something new, Sillof takes bits and pieces of old toys and gives them a new life by recombining them in new ways by adding his own sculpted elements and paint techniques.  He works completely from his imagination, without sketching anything out before hand.  The most pre-visualization he does in done in a series of notes and lists. Once the ideas have solidified he moves into construction.  Some figures are completely made from scratch while others are a combination of parts from as many as 40 different figures, but most are a combination of the two skill sets.    Sillof sculpts using a 2 part epoxy polymer compound called Apoxie by Aves Studios with occasionally using Super Sculpey for certain techniques.   The final step in his creative process is painting and detailing which is where the figure truly comes to life.   He use primarily a three step process: applying a base coat, aging the figure with a dark wash, and bringing back out the highlights and sculpted detail with dry-brushing.



For a gallery of work inspired by my designs check out the Inspired Artwork Page.




I was selected by Morgan Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets and Lucasfilm in 2015 to be featured in a series of short documentaries focusing 20 Star Wars fans from around the world.  You can view the episode that looks at me, my works and process, and the impact Star Wars had on my life.  Verizon paid for the exclusive rights to distribute the films.  You can see it by downloading the Verizon Go90 app.  The series is called “In A Galaxy“.   My episode is called “Meet a DIY Toy Jedi




For information about my work in film as a producer, art director, and production designer check out the Film Production Page.