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6″ Cantina Customs – Budget & Speed Builds

I recently came across a local toy vendor that was selling a bunch of loose 6″ scale Hasbro Black Series figures.  They were in rough shape and had no accessories.  So I bought them and began a fun experiment.  I would try to spend only a few dollars on each figure, other the the figure I bought I would only use parts I had on hand and my own sculpting, and complete one figure a day in the hours after I left my regular job.  Some turned out great, others could use some work, but that was all in the spirit of the challenge I set myself.  I hope you enjoy my return to my favorite Star Wars location…The Mos Eisley Cantina.

6BS-boshek6BS-dannik6BS-djas puhr6BS-duros 26BS-Duros16BS-labria6BS-evazan6BS-ponda6BS-nubren6BS-tonnika6BS-wuher6BS-yerka

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