Recent Additions

The Dungeon League just critted.

The line fantasy RPG themed Dungeon League is up and transferred over.


The Dune page has awoken.

I have transferred over the 30 figure line based solely on the literary descriptions in Frank Herbert’s Sci Fi masterpiece “Dune”

c-dune-atr-groupc-dune-cor-group  c-dune-hark-group

Seusstastic Park is open for business.


I have updated my page for the commission I did that combined Jurassic Park and Dr. Seuss.




Patton Oswalt’s Commission “Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!” is gender swapped and ready to view.

I have updated the page for Patton Oswalt’s commission “Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!”  It is based on the exploitation films of Russ Meyer and features all the characters gender swapped.

bw-theband BW-villains&car BW-heroes

Pirate Wars has set sail.

I have added my line inspired by swashbuckling pirate films.


Noir Wars is is ready to be investigated.

My line inspired by gritty black and white 1940’s film noir detective movies is ready to be investigated

c-noir-group-good c-noir-group-bad

Cyber Wars is online.

My cyberpunk/anime line is updated and online.

c-cyb-group-good c-cyb-group-bad

Serial Wars is blasting off!

My 1940’s sci fi serial inspired line is ready to check out.

c-serial-group-good c-serial-group-bad

Fantasy Wars page is complete.

My medieval fantasy inspired line, once titled “Long Ago & Far Away” is completed.

c-fant-group-good c-fant-group-bad

West Wars is waiting for you.

My wild west inspired “West Wars” line has been transferred and is ready to view

c-west-group-good c-west-group-bad