Recent Additions

New Star Wars documentary featuring Sillof


I was selected by Morgan Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets and Lucasfilm in 2015 to be featured in a series of short documentaries focusing on 20 Star Wars fans around the world.  You can view the episode that looks at me, my works and process, and the impact Star Wars had on my life by downloading the Verizon Go90 app.  The series is called “In A Galaxy”, my episode is called “Meet a DIY Toy Jedi”.



1,2,3 o’clock, 4 o’clock….Graffiti Wars.

I am proud to debut this line to commemorate my site’s new look.  I wanted to post it also in the lead up to the new Star Wars films as a tribute to the films of George Lucas.

c-graf-group-good c-graf-group-bad

“Revolt” Scum.

I just transferred over my page showcasing my line I debuted at my panel at Anaheim Celebration in the Spring of 2015.


Road Wars

Transferred over the page showcasing my 2nd commission for Patton Oswalt a post-apocalyptic line called “Road Wars”

c-RW-goodgroup2 c-RW-badguys

The Awesomes!

Got my page updated for the Seth Meyer’s commission based on his Hulu show “The Awesomes”


The Dungeon League just critted.

The line fantasy RPG themed Dungeon League is up and transferred over.


The Dune page has awoken.

I have transferred over the 30 figure line based solely on the literary descriptions in Frank Herbert’s Sci Fi masterpiece “Dune”

c-dune-atr-groupc-dune-cor-group  c-dune-hark-group

Seusstastic Park is open for business.


I have updated my page for the commission I did that combined Jurassic Park and Dr. Seuss.




Patton Oswalt’s Commission “Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!” is gender swapped and ready to view.

I have updated the page for Patton Oswalt’s commission “Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!”  It is based on the exploitation films of Russ Meyer and features all the characters gender swapped.

bw-theband BW-villains&car BW-heroes

Pirate Wars has set sail.

I have added my line inspired by swashbuckling pirate films.