Custom Figures: Overview

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My hobbies and interests are varied and widespread.   They have ranged from film making, to sculpting, to replica props creation, to model construction, to diorama building.  But, by far the hobby that I most enjoy and am most know for is my custom figure work.

Custom figure making is a hobby where people create their own custom figures.  The scales generally range from the smaller 3.45″ scale up to the 12″ scale.  While I started out in the smaller scale in 2000 I moved to the 6-8″ scale, which is what I mostly still work in today.

The figures are generally made by combining parts of existing figures with newly sculpted and created parts.

Most custom figure makers create everything from their favorite characters to the more obscure characters from their favorite properties.  I tend to create my own designs that are re-imagined designs of characters or combinations of characters with new genres or themes.

I have grouped the various lines I have done into categories for ease of locating them.

Also I would like to state for the record, that while many of these lines and combinations are quite prevalent in pop-culture today in cosplay, art, toys, comics, etc. when I created each line I did extensive research for weeks and at the time of their inception there were nothing like them on line.  For example when I had the idea of Samurai Wars no one had done so much as a drawing of what a Samurai themed Star Wars would look like.  I always wanted to be creating something new as if my creations were visual essays that were the continuations of the research papers I did in college.  I also do not have a desire to rip off another artists ideas or be derivative in some fashion. Many lines were never even started because I found something like it already existing.