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This is for all new custom figures

Cyber Wars is online.

My cyberpunk/anime line is updated and online.

c-cyb-group-good c-cyb-group-bad

Serial Wars is blasting off!

My 1940’s sci fi serial inspired line is ready to check out.

c-serial-group-good c-serial-group-bad

Fantasy Wars page is complete.

My medieval fantasy inspired line, once titled “Long Ago & Far Away” is completed.

c-fant-group-good c-fant-group-bad

West Wars is waiting for you.

My wild west inspired “West Wars” line has been transferred and is ready to view

c-west-group-good c-west-group-bad

Samurai Wars page is ready to view.

My Akira Kurosawa inspired line Samurai Wars has been successfully updated.


World Wars page is up.

I have added the page showcasing my World War 2 themed “World Wars”



By George is that the Gaslight League?

The line that started it all, the Gaslight League is up and transferred over.


Just added the complete Steam Wars page.

Got the Steam Wars page updated with all 30 figures.