Arts Educator of the Year

Last week I was honored to be awarded the Nickel Plate Arts District Arts Educator of the Year Award.  It was the first time they gave such an award.  It was in recognition for my efforts in creating the Olio Road Productions company.  Each year I help students at Hamilton Southeastern High School create a completely original, student made, feature length film.  It was a great honor to attend the gala and to share the evening with my family and peers.

Here is the press release about the award.  


DUNE: House Atreides – my 2nd attempt

I am a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction epic Dune.  It is easily one of my top 5 favorite books of all time.   I have a soft spot for David Lnych’s film adaptation, mostly from an ambition and production design perspective.   I am not really a fan of the SyFy channels version, It is the opposite of Lynch’s version, while it is more faithful to the book it lacks the grandeur and design of its big screen counterpart.  For years the property has languished in development limbo bouncing around and occasionally having some progress, as with Peter Berg being attached for a while, but never moving forward.  We briefly got to see what Alejandro Jodorowsky’s version could have been in the amazing documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune.  But now the film seems to be picking up steam under the direction of one of my favorite directors working today, Denis Villeneuve.  Villeneuve has made Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049.  I could not pick a better director who has the limitless visual potential and the directing chops to handle the massive story and also deliver great characters.

Sometime around 2004 I created a line of 20 classic Dune custom action figures.   The set was an attempt by me to disregard any visual influence from any movie, video game, or other source and solely use what I envisioned as I read Herbert’s literary descriptions on the page.   The entire set was purchased for display in a Dune collection in Europe years ago.   Sometime around 2010 I began to do a 2nd attempt at redesigning Dune.  The figures have been done for quite some time even though I have never posted them.  I was content to just admire them on my shelf.  My excitement for the new Villeneuve Dune has encouraged me to share the figures.

With this version I tried to ignore as many influences from previous Dune works and approach it as if I was a production designer on my own version of Dune.  I tried to create 4 distinct worlds with cohesive aesthetics and color schemes.

First up is House Atreides.  I took an influence from the Greek sounding aspect and history of the house name.  I tried to incorporated classic Greek elements and thought it would subconsciously add elements of antiquity and democracy.  I also used the house symbol of the hawk to add bird elements to each character.  Finally I used the classic green and red color scheme to set their look apart.


Lady Jessica has the classic Greek toga, with the imperial epaulets of bird feathers.

Gurney Halleck has a kind of Roman/medieval armor look on the frame of a older soldier.

Duncan Idaho is a character that has never really fully been captured by his literary description and the title of “Swordmaster”  I went for a kind of space, swashbuckling, hoplite.

Alia is in the vestments of the Bene Gesserit.  I wanted all my vestments to have similar look and have a very ceremonial aspect to them.


Stay tuned for more of the houses to come…

REAL JOES, the 2nd Wave

I have been keeping very busy with some side projects and film work.  I wanted to give you an update with some more figures from the Real Joes line.


I hope you enjoy them.




The REAL JOES line are now for sale individually $300 per figure.  They will be sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis.



This is a line that has been quietly getting worked on here and there for the last decade.  When I found a figure and had some time I would work on them in small increments.  I have recently finished 3 waves or sets of the entire line.  This is the first wave.  The idea was simple.  I saw the McFarlane Military line of figures and inspired by my second favorite child hood property, G.I. Joe.  I wanted to create realistic versions of the characters.  While I love so many of these characters it was a bit of a challenge as many have quite ridiculous and impractical military outfits.   I tried to keep the characters essential feel, facial features, and color scheme while combining them with what their real world counterparts might look like and wear.


Each figure is for sale.  I will offer the set of 5 for one week at a sale price $1400 to keep set together.  After one week I will sell them individually for $300 per figure.  Email me if you are interested.

For Sale – changes & updates

Most of the work on the site was made by me for my personal collection.  The size of the collection has grown so i have decided to sell some of my work.  I was going to try to keep the whole sets of 10 figures together but I have decided to group them together in pairs.  Click here to see the figures. FOR SALE page   

These are one of kind items,  they have no duplicates or molds,  they were hand crafted with the most expensive professional sculpting materials and paints.   

This is a chance to own a piece of pop culture history.  They have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, MTV, Star, the Star Wars Blog, Star Wars Insider, at the Star Wars celebrations, and have even made it to the #1 spot on the front page of Reddit numerous times.  These items would be great to buy for self to add to a unique collection or as gift for a loved one.

These unique creations were the first of each of their kind.  The mash ups they represent had never been done before and have since inspired countless imitations and other incarnations from toy companies, to traditional artists drawings, to cosplayers and whole conventions.   

I hope my work can find its way into the hands and homes of fans who will appreciate them.

New Commission – The Highlander

I don’t usually do such literal interpretations as commissions but a repeat customer requested a figure from of the Highlander from the final duel.  I could not pass up making a figure from one of my favorite films from my youth.


Star Wars Day at the Fishers Public Library

I was thrilled to be back at the Fishers Public Library as a guest presenter.  This year I lead three 30 presentation to kids and parents on how the original Star Wars props were made as well as a tutorial on how to make your own complete with a demonstration on painting using a Nerf gun as a base.


Star Wars Celebration Orlando



Only a few more days until Celebration Orlando.  Here is some information about the Master Classes I will be offering.  Be sure to follow me on twitter as I will be tweeting coverage of both the diorama build and the classes, along with other convention news.


Custom Figure Master Classes are returning for Star Wars Celebration Orlando

I am thrilled to announce that Smooth-On has come on board as the official sponsor of my Custom Figure Master Classes at Star Wars Celebration Orlando.  Smooth-On is the industry leader for sculpting, casting, and mold making materials.  They have a ton of other great products as well feel free to head on over to their SITE and check them out for yourself.


Be sure to stop by our booth 3702 on the main show room floor.  You can build a Death Star tile that will be yours to keep after the show, race a Star Wars Hot Wheel down our custom Death Star trench, and sign up for free classes on customizing and sculpting.  I will be there to guide you and give you some tips.  You will be able to take apart and reassemble figures as well as get your hands on some Smooth On sculpting product to add your own details and even learn some paint techniques.  You just need to sign up at the booth and bring a few 3.75″ star wars figures to customize and share.

See you in Orlando April 13-16.